Integrated Management is a rational approach to managing the entire farm, which combines the ecological care of a diverse and healthy environment with the economic requirements of agriculture, in order to ensure the continuous production of healthy and affordable food.
The implementation of ODK systems is based on maintaining a detailed and meticulous log of all production processes.

Integrated Crop Management in the context of Good Agricultural Practice is therefore a multidimensional dynamic system of modern agricultural practice that aims, through meticulous recording and control of all inputs and outputs in agricultural exploitation, in the balanced development of an economic and profitable production with respect for the environment and the safety of both the producer and the end user.

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Advantages of Integrated Management application:

  • Products with quality marking / Competitive advantage over non-certified
  • Increase productivity, efficiency and profitability of agricultural holdings that do not use plant protection products effectively and maintain inadequate pest and disease control measures
  • Stable and reliable production efficiency
  • Reduce production costs
  • Protecting the health of producers from the uncontrolled use of inputs
  • Penetration into new markets in Greece and abroad that require certified products (supermarket chains), which recognize and are willing to pay for quality
  • Expanding market share / Maintaining and Strengthening existing partnerships in the face of internal and international market challenges / Increasing export trade
  • “Recognized” shift in production and distribution of safe and fully controlled products for the consumer, thus increasing their attractiveness and competitiveness
  • Increase confidence and fully ensure consumer requirements
  • Upgraded environmental management that ensures the agricultural environment for future generations with respect and conservation of beneficial organisms, fauna and flora and water resources
  • Adapting to the new data of a modern and quality European agricultural practice