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BELLIS 25,2/12,8 WG

PRODUCT CODE: 01-02-00519

Mixture of fungicides, one of the group of turborins (pyraclostrobin) and one of the group of carboxamides (boscalid), with preventive and curative action. It prevents the germination of fungal spores, the growth of mycelium and sporiogenesis. To prevent the development of resistance should be alternated with fungicides of other groups.




Bellis is a fungicidal mixture of the active substance boscalid (group of carboxamidic) and the active substance pyraclostrobin (group QoI inhibitors), to combat fusidi and mildew in apples, and fusiklade and brown spotting in pears, with preventive and curative action. Bellis prevents the growth of the mycelium as well as the production and germination of the tubers. At the biochemical level, pyraclostrobin interferes with cellular respiration at the Qo site of complex III of the cytochrome substrate and exhibits fictitious movement, while boscalid also interferes with cellular respiration but at the level of complex II.

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