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PRODUCT CODE: 01-03-00486

Systemic, non-selective herbicide to combat annual and perennial (grasses, broad-leaved weeds) and aquatic weeds, woody plants, as well as to combat smoke orovation.




Non-selective metaphytic herbicide with systemic action on annual and perennial weeds. It is applied by spraying the weeds with 20-40 liters of spraying liquid per acre, a pressure lower than 2 atm (30 psi) and a broom-type injector. To combat annual weeds spraying is done when they are in vigorous growth, while for perennials when they are in bloom or shortly after. Do not spray if rain is expected in less than 6 hours. Do not use with unclean or hard water. It is phytotoxic for cultivated plants if it comes into contact with the foliage, with tender shoots, trunks of young trees (green bark), offshoots or unhealed wounds. It should not be used in seed production crops, nor in those that produce underground edible product, before harvesting them. Do not allow grazing of sprayed weeds. The application should be done when there is no water in the drainage channels.

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