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A fungicide that ensures the harvest, thanks to its high efficiency and continuous action.




Dagonis is a fungicide with interplastic motion and a preventive and curative effect of long duration, which results from the combination of the two active substances, fluxapyroxad and difenoconazole. Fluxapyroxad is a fungicide with interphasized motion and a preventive and long-lasting therapeutic effect belonging to the chemical group of inhibitors of succinic acid dehydrogenase (SDHI), code FRAC C2. The mode of action of fluxapyroxad at the molecular level is the inhibition of the enzyme succinic acid dehydrogenase (SDH), also known as complex II in the mitochondrial electron transport chain. Difenoconazole is a fungicide with bisectal motion and preventive and curative action of broad spectrum and long duration belonging to the chemical group of triazoles, code FRAC G1. Its main biochemical mode of action is to inhibit the biosynthesis process of the sterol of fungi, so the growth of fungi stops due to obstruction of the biosynthesis of sterols in their cell membranes.

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