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DELAN PRO 12,5/56,1 SC

PRODUCT CODE: 010200653

Thanks to the unique combination of the recognized Dithianon and the systemic properties of phosphonic acid, Delan® Pro moves simultaneously on the surface of the leaf, as well as inside the plant tissue, activating the plant’s natural defense mechanism, which reacts faster than usual, as soon as it recognizes the pathogen it is attacking.




Mixture of two fungicides to combat the fusiklade in apples and pears and the molting, downy mildew and black rot in the wine grapevine. Delan Pro acts partly by contact on the leaf by inhibiting the germination of the spores and the growth of the mycelium and is partly absorbed by the above-ground parts of the crop. Thanks to its systemicity, Delan Pro has the ability to protect the vegetation that grows after application, protecting new vegetation even in the period of intense growth.

The one active ingredient (dithianon) is a contact fungicide, a wide spectrum of action, and belongs to the chemical group of quinones. It prevents the growth of fungi in many places at a biochemical level and acts by modifying the sulfhydryl (SH) groups found in many proteins, thus causing the inhibition of the breathing mechanisms of fungi.

The other active ingredient (potassium phosphonate) is a systemic fungicide characterized by constant mobility in plant tissues and acts directly through the inhibition of important enzymes in phosphorus metabolism and the production of ATP, but also indirectly enhancing the natural defense mechanisms of plants against diseases.

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