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LUNA Sensation 500 SC

PRODUCT CODE: 01-02-00722

Systemic fungicide with protective and curative action.




LUNA SENSATION SC is a mixture of the new active substance fluopyram and trifloxystrobin. It is a systemic fungicide with protective and therapeutic action and is applied to a wide range of crops.

Fluopyram acts on the surface of plant tissues and at the same time exhibits penetrating action, interplastic movement as well as far-flying motion through the vessels of the wood. At the biochemical level, it blocks mitochondrial respiration by blocking the transfer of electrons to the respiratory chain of Succinate DeHydrogenase (complex II – SDH inhibitor). Fluopyram acts by preventing the development of the disease in many stages from germination and spores’ growth, mycelium growth to sporiogenesis.

Trifloxystrobin is a synthetic derivative of natural strobilurins with biblative action. It exhibits mainly preventive but also therapeutic action. At the biochemical level it acts by blocking mitochondrial respiration of fungi at the Qo site of complex III of cytochrome bc 1 (Group Qols, subgroup oximinoacetates).

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