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PRODUCT CODE: 10300517

Metaphytic herbicide to combat broad-leaved weeds in grain crops.




Metaphytic herbicide to combat broad-leaved weeds in grain crops.Florasulam belongs to the group of triazolopyrimidine sulfonanilides. It causes inhibition of the growth of weeds. Visible symptoms appear within the next few days of the application. Destruction of sensitive species occurs within the next 1 to 8 weeks depending on the cultivation conditions. Clopyralid belongs to the group of pyridine-carboxylic acids.It is absorbed by the leaves and roots while it is transported through both filter and woody vessels. Weeds after spraying show symptoms of the effect of auxins (phyto-hormones). It is applied with a volume of psink. liquid 10-40 liters / acre Is enough an hour (1 hour) between spraying and precipitation, for the product to penetrate into the plants.Apply to crops that are in a state of robustness, in the absence of wind and with temperatures not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius. Do not use compost or manure produced from residues of sprayed crops (hay/straw) to fertilise vegetables or ornamentals. The risk of developing resistance of some weeds in florasulam is high. Implement a weed monitoring program to develop resilience. Apply alternative weed control practices (mechanical or cultivation, etc.), when possible. Also apply alternation of herbicides with formulations of another mode of action, to avoid the development of resistance.

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