Studies – Programs

Pholosophy of Agricultural Volos SA about the subsidized programs
The ability to boost business investment depends to a large extent on the effective combination of:

(a) the undertaking, for:

• the efficient planning and scheduling of subsidized investments

• supporting the viability of the investment

• the documentation of the exploitation of the results of the investment,

• the documentation of adequacy of the necessary intangible and material resources for the implementation of the investment,

• the documentation of its reliability for the implementation of the investment (positive historical economic data, upward growth rates, implementation of investments, etc.),

• the documentation of the organizational and administrative adequacy of participation, management and implementation of the investment.

b) the consultant, for:

• the selection of the optimal combination of investment actions to ensure the best result

• full information of the company, conditions of participation, restrictions, etc. and the effective management of “dangerous” points

• τη σύνταξη πλήρους οικονομοτεχνικής μελέτης τεκμηρίωσης της επένδυσης

• την τήρηση όλων των τυπικών προδιαγραφών μεθοδολογία συγγραφής, χρήση προτύπων, δομή φακέλου, δικαιολογητικά, κλπ.,

• την τεκμηρίωση των κρίσιμων σημείων που βαρύνουν σημαντικά στην αξιολόγηση και επιλογή των προτάσεων

• τη συστηματική οικονομική διαχείριση κατά την υλοποίηση, για την ελαχιστοποίηση των πιθανοτήτων μείωσης της επιδότησης.

The consulting services and programs office of Agromechaniki Volos SA, with main objects:

• Development and certification of integrated management systems (AGRO 2.1. & AGRO 2.2. And GlobalGap)

• Development and certification of quality management systems (ISO 9.001, ISO 14,000, ISO 22,000, HACCP)

• Preparation and monitoring of Organic Agriculture and Livestock dossiers as well as programs for the protection of nitrate sensitive areas (nitrate pollution reduction programs).

• Submission of IACS cultivation declarations (Certified Application Reception Center).

• Preparation of studies for the modernization of agricultural holdings (Improvement Plans).

• Preparation of studies (economic-technical, environmental, occupational risk assessment, etc.), has executives with many years of experience and significant know-how in the submission and management of subsidized investments by DG CSF, NSRF and development laws (3299/2004, 3908/2011) .

• Reorganization of business operations (production, sales, etc)

• Submission and management of subsidized programs: NSRF

• Writing and monitoring the implementation of business & marketing plans

The high success rate is due to the working methodology, the tools used as well as the comprehensive support provided to companies at all stages of participation in subsidized programs.

The Agricultural Engineering of Volos SA:

• Prioritizes and groups investment actions and proposes the optimal combination to achieve the best result.

• Pre-evaluates the investment proposal to assess the possibility of approval.

• Prepares the investment documentation study.

• Guides the executives of the company in the collection of supporting documents, the historical financial data of the company and the offers of suppliers.

• Prepares and submits the investment file to the competent department.

• Monitors the implementation of the investment according to the approved implementation schedule and cash flow, prepares and submits the necessary reports to receive the grant.