Certified Application Reception Center for all of Magnesia

Agricultural Volos

Dynamic, Reliable and Flexible, These are the main features of Agromanhemiki Volou SA today. Great collaborations and significant achievements seal a history of more than 40 profitable years in the rural world of the country. The company was founded in December 1997 after the merger of 4 stores in Magnesia.

It currently holds a very important position in the field of marketing of agricultural supplies in Greece. It employs 12 workers, most of whom are agronomists, who are in the field at all times, giving the best solutions to the problems faced by farmers with their crops.

The Agricultural Engineering of Volos SA gives special emphasis to ensuring consistently high quality, having certified the Quality Assurance System of its stores according to EN ISO 9001: 2008.

The Company faithfully adheres to its initial commitment to the Environment, aiming at the continuous improvement of its environmental performance. With proper planning, continuous large-scale investment programs and implementation of good practices and effective management systems, Agromanhemiki Volou SA addresses the challenges associated with the impact on the landscape and the environment in general and on local communities.

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Our Vision:

“To provide high quality strategic development services, applying their science, creativity & technique, throughout the range of our activities.”
The realization of the vision will be achieved:

With continuous research and innovation: an ongoing process that takes time and planning.
By methodically removing the usual barriers to innovation: people, time and means.
By joining European Consulting Networks.
With the continuous creation of NEW services


Through its activity, AGROMICHANIKI VOLOU SA wishes to shape and “touch” the overall customer experience, offering differentiated services and shaping a corporate culture & communication climate.
To implement its Vision and Mission, AGROMICHANIKI VOLOU SA is constantly investing in its intangible assets, developing a network of alliances that adds value to all its members.