GLOBALG.A.P. Certification

GLOBALGAP (formerly known as EUREPGAP) has established itself as a key reference for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in the global market.
GLOBALGAP is an internationally accepted and recognized standard by retailers for primary production and implemented in over 80 countries worldwide. The fundamental principle is the equal participation of producers and retailers to create standards and certification procedures.
What is the purpose? 
GLOBALGAP is primarily intended to regain consumer confidence in the way food is produced on the farm by minimizing the devastating environmental effects of farming processes, reducing chemical inputs and ensuring a responsible approach to the health and safety of the workers as well as animal welfare.
What it covers? 
It covers the entire process from inputs like feed or seedlings, to all the other parameters involved in the process, until the release of  the product from the farm.
The scope of GLOBALGAP certification covers the production of fruits, vegetables, cereals, livestock, flowers, propagating material, fish products and other farming products.
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