Cotton is an Angiosperm, a dikotylon plant which belongs to the class of Malachi and the family of Malachids.
Its scientific name is gossip and its shoots branch up to a height of 1.5 meters. It has leaves with a long stem, large and laminated. At the base of the stem there are two small paraphylls usually serrated.


The flowers come out of the armpits of the leaves and are large, solitary and produced by flowering buds. The flowering buds at their beginning look like small pyramids and at this stage its flowers are called scallops. Its fruit is a capsule and has 8-10 spores surrounded by white fibers. Mature fibers are largely made up of cellulose. Today cotton is grown in many countries of the world but most of the production comes from the northern hemisphere.

To ripen the cotton must pass about 2 months from sowing Its collection is done with special machines , which is more common or by hand which is more expensive and painful but the cotton is cleaner and thus has a better price in the market. After harvesting the cotton is transferred to special areas called ginning mills. There is the separation of the fibers from the seed. The time the ginning is done is about 3 months after collection.
Most ginning mills have mechanisms that remove various foreign bodies. After these procedures the cottons, clean now, are packaged in large balls or square pallets, tied, recorded quality and promoted in the market.


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