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The three versions for the rights of the new CAP with values up to 29, 24,5 and 14 euros respectively for arable trees and grazing


Three scenarios for forming the average value of BPS entitlements per agronomic region by 2026 based on the increase in eligible acres and the financial allocation of the direct payment envelope.

The increase of acres per year was calculated based on the historical data for the years 2017-2020 and the National Reserve (OPEKEPE data), taking into account the average of the acres that entered the system in the 4-year period. So, these acres are added for the years 2021 and 2022 (the transitional years) for which there are still no data from the National Reserve and respectively for the years 2023-2026.

The average is 614,616 acres. pastures annually, 186,832 acres. arable and 145,164 tree cultivations. As a result, the above acres were multiplied by six.

The financial envelope changes as regards the allocation of coupled payments and the transfer of resources to the Rural Development Programmes for the purposes of the compensatory allowance, in order to create a different total amount for the basic payment. The 1st scenario is the “optimistic” as to the value of the allowances, the 2nd one shows an average decrease and the 3rd, the largest decrease that can occur in the average value of the allowances. It is recalled that in 2020 the average regional value was 20.2 euros per acre for pastures, 27.6 euros per acre for arable trees and 34.1 euros per acre for arboreal land. The above values do not include greening which is typically not calculated for the average value. In detail, the scenarios show the following:

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