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Toxicity of chlorides in leaves and cultures – Symptoms and treatment


The toxicity of chlorides to crops is one of the most insidious enemies and is from our experience one of the most common toxicities in tree cultivations such as walnut, kiwi and almond trees. The toxicity of chlorides is created:

  1. from the use of preparations containing chlorine, or from watering water,
  2. from improper watering water,
  3. from soils with high conductivity
  4. from the use of seaweed or similar preparations.

Symptoms from chloride toxicity appear during the period of summer to early autumn and result in the appearance of intense brown leaves mainly peripherally.

Recent studies prove that the use of silicon in combination with micronutrients and possibly gypsum depending on the composition of the soil are capable of addressing the problem. Very important, however, is to find the problem that created the phenomenon of toxicity and especially if it is related to the poor quality of the soil or water, because in this case the problem will appear all the time and it is not easy to solve.


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