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Commitment of Georganta for inclusion of the selected Improvement Plans


The way is open for the inclusion of the runners-up in the Improvement Plans, as the Minister of Rural Development, George Georgantas, pledged to use 100% of the unallocated funds that will result from the disenfranchisement of those who do not make a first request for payment by the relevant deadline.
As Agronews had written in time, in April the 24-month margin from the date of joining the Measure for submitting the first request for payment of Improvement Plans in Epirus, Peloponnese, Western Greece, Central Greece, Crete, Thessaly, Western Macedonia, Eastern Macedonia expires. Thrace.The minister promised in the meeting he had recently with the Committee of Runners-up that there will be no further extension in order to pave the way for new accessions faster.

The meeting with the president of the Runners-up, Maria Boti, was also attended by the head of management Nikos Manetas. Ms. Boti also called for finding additional resources and ways such as unallocated RDP funds, a “bridge” or inclusion in the Recovery Fund to ensure the inclusion of all runners-up in the 4.1 program.

It is noted here that the notice as amended in Article 26 paragraph 2.1 states that “The first application for payment shall be submitted electronically to the PSC by the beneficiary no later than twenty-four months from the date of the decision to join the transaction.” this 2-year margin for implementation and for the runners-up.

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