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Eligible and new plots of land for the restructuring of crops, applications from 15 May


The announcement of the Crop Restructuring program for strengthening up to 80% planting of new varieties of perennial crops with the submission of aid applications and application files to be started on May 15, 2022 and to be completed in November according to the relevant document.
Regarding the varieties that can be planted, the pre-publication states that “Applications for aid for the restructuring of crops should take into account a study by a University Body that will be published by the date of submission of applications under this.” It is noted that according to the report, the relevant study has not even been assigned to the Agricultural University of Athens.
The full crop restructuring call is available here

Eligible plots for restructuring are:
a) Those who have established existing tree crops which will be uprooted in the context of restructuring (according to EAE 2022)
b) Those who do not have existing tree crops installed (according to EAE 2021) and are not cultivated or are cultivated with annual crops, will be subject to this Subproject provided that the action will be accompanied by uprooting of perennial / arboreal cultivation of any kind / variety area (area deviation ± 10%).
c) New agricultural plots that will be declared for the first time in the EAE of 2022.
d) The new plantations should be established in single and / or adjacent areas at a rate of at least 50% of the total declared area.

Beneficiaries of the restructuring program are the Producer Groups (O.P.) Producer Organizations and Agricultural Cooperatives (AS), Agricultural Partnerships (AES), Societes Anonymes whose majority of shares belong to Cooperatives of Law 4673/2020 and other provisions “.
The intensity of the aid starts from 40% of the expenses and can reach up to 80% depending on the region in which the beneficiary is active.
It is now expected to determine the cost of installation per acre, which will include the cost of uprooting, the cost of supply and installation of new seedlings and the cost of supply and installation of infrastructure for linear planting (palmetta).

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