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Up to 2,000 euros per farm the coupon for fertilizers


It is considered by the Member States of Europe to pave the way for subsidies for farmers to buy fertilizers, with countries such as Ireland and Poland having a voucher aid plan ready, with official announcements to be postponed.
Currently, the proposal submitted by Ireland, a country of size and dynamics close to the Greek data, is of particular interest. The proposal concerns a 50% subsidy on tariffs cut in 2021 by Irish farmers for the purchase of fertilizers, which will be given in the form of a coupon for this year’s markets. The ceiling on this aid is set at 2,000 euros per holding. With the current price of urea, for example, close to € 1,000 per tonne, an Irish farmer will need to buy 8 tonnes (200 to 40 kilos of bags) in order to receive all the aid, assuming an average purchase price in 2021, was close to 500 euros.Poland, with its clearly larger areas and needs for crop nutrition, is aiming for an increase of 104 euros (500 zlotys) per tonne, creating the necessary fiscal space approaching 600 million euros.

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