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Model of subsidization of agro-supplies based on expenses studied YPAAT and government


A similar model based on turnover has been announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for livestock farmers.

For a variety of issues concerning farmers, livestock breeders, but also fishermen, they had the opportunity to discuss with the new Minister of Rural Development and Food George Georgantas, Cretan farmers and stockbreeders at a scheduled appointment, which took place in Athens, on Tuesday, March 8, 2022.

According to information, on the table was put by cooperatives of Crete, the possibility of supporting farmers based on their expenses all this time for agro-supplies, according to almost the model that will exist and will apply to livestock farming (4% subsidy on turnover). The report showed that there is a possibility that this measure will be introduced and announced by the government in the next ten days.

However, according to what mr. George Chalkias, president of the Kountoura Horticultural Producers DP, the minister pledged to digitize many processes in the agricultural sector, in order to make life easier for producers. At the same time, he stressed that he is in contact for agreements with other countries, so that there is no food security issue, while he reportedly listened with interest to the producers’ proposals for changes in tax rates. Farmers with greenhouses also raised with the minister the issue of changes regarding ELGA, as well as the timeless issue of Greekizations, with George Georgantas committing to strict controls.

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