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Seed sunflower cultivation can solve a problem with sunflower oil but wants organization


We hear that he has a serious problem of lack of sunflower oil in the market and in catering. Farmers can fill the gap in imports due to war in Ukraine, but the YPAAT wants to take initiatives to solve the problem is the question.

Christos Sideropoulos, an experienced producer from the prefecture of Larissa, told Agrotypos that “sunflower cultivation can be made as a seed for the production of sunflower oil. However, the leadership of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change should undertake initiatives so that there are no problems with the IACS (penalties) because it will be a seed crop and at the same time bring to the table the biodiesel plants to sign new contracts with the interested growers but this time to produce sunflower oil”.

He adds: “From the end of May the threshing begins in barley and from 10 to 20 June in hard wheat. Some of the fields are dry, but others are irrigated. Sunflower needs irrigation and has a cultivation cycle of three months. Aid is needed for an agricultural tariff to cover the cost of watering. There may also be low yields due to high temperatures, something that processors should take into account. From about the end of September, however, the harvest will begin.

Of the approximately 6 million. acres with cultivation of soft, hard and barley that our country has, can be found around 500,000 acres for the seed cultivation of sunflower. The remains in the field from barley and wheat can make balls and give them to breeders for animal feed. But what farmers need is to know the price that industries will get to calculate the cost of cultivation.”


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