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The entire 2021 Young Farmers’ Evaluation Guide


In the hands of the evaluators is the control guide for the applications of young farmers, with Agronews presenting the document on which the approvals and rejections of the files will be based.

The relevant document also seems to clarify a number of issues that were not clarified in the invitation. For example, the fact that for students it is sufficient until the completion of the evaluation to provide a break in attendance in order to be eligible. Postgraduate/doctoral students as well as students at HOU are eligible without preconditions.

As far as non-permanent non-agricultural employment is concerned, the evaluators stress that it does not need to be interrupted in order to be judged as a beneficiary. A candidate who, according to a declaration, has a non-permanent employment, if it is judged by the evaluator that it is indeed non-permanent, may be ranked directly in the lists of the final beneficiaries. The supporting documents relating to the exercise of non-permanent dependent employment (such as seasonal work) for the natural person at the head of the agricultural holding are assessed. As evidence of this, indicatively, fixed-term contracts or an extract of an individual EFKA insurance account are mentioned.

Regarding the proof of ownership of the parcels, the following are clarified:

“As the performance of a score is particularly important, according to the institutional framework it has been decided that the proof of ownership should be done by presenting the above certificates of ownership and not on the basis of the IACS declaration or the E9 declaration, which the evaluator must check.

In other words, the audit consists of the following:

For non-privately owned parcels, the evaluator accepts the area that exists completed in the RIS.
For the parcels declared as privately owned, the evaluator searches for the ownership certificates (not E9) that must have been attached by the designer. Based on these:
a Controls the extent. If there is a difference of more than 0,1 ha, it shall change the field ‘Eligible area’ accordingly.

b Checks the percentage of ownership and, if necessary, corrects the field “Percentage of ownership (farm)” (and not the field “Percentage of the parcel cultivated by the candidate[1]”).

[…] No candidate at the time of the submission of IACS 2021 did not have possession of the parcel but declares his intention to acquire it in order to receive a score. Here the audit consists of the following:

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