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With a typical return of 8,000 euros the inclusion in the Improvement Plans 2022


Code 4.1.5 “Implementation of investments aiming at the resilience, sustainability and digital economic recovery of agricultural holdings” will launch the Improvement Plans in 2022, in accordance with the general rules of the call published by the managing authorities.

The main changes to the programme include the reduction of the maximum subsidised expenditure per dossier, the change in points with enhanced priority in precision agriculture and the exclusion of collective schemes. More specifically, regarding Measure 4.1.5, the following are mentioned in the 9th Amendment of the Rural Development Programmes.


Natural or legal persons, farmers who have the status of farmers (according to Regulation 1307/2013) and have submitted a Single Farm Declaration to the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) in the reference year of the application for support for accession.

In addition, they must be professional farmers in accordance with the applicable National Legislation (natural persons) or have their main activity in the exercise of agriculture (legal entities) or be Young Farmers of sub-measure 6.1 of the RDP 2014-2022.

Eligibility conditions

A. In order to be eligible for support, the agricultural holdings of beneficiaries must, at least on the date of submission of the application for support, own an agricultural holding whose economic size in terms of typical yield is more than EUR 8 000 (standard output).

B. In order to be eligible for support, potential beneficiaries must, at least on the date of submission of the application for support, be at least 18 years of age and must not be pensioners or old-age pensioners directly.

Eligible costs

Emphasis will be placed on investments involving investment costs related to the implementation of precision agriculture and smart farming, innovation, digitalisation and modernisation of production machinery and equipment.

Investment costs related to the production of energy from renewable energy sources will be enhanced, exclusively for the needs of the exploitation (net metering). The production of electricity from biomass as well as energy savings are not eligible for this action. In addition to the above, the text of the principles does not mention a clear list of eligible costs except that “Under this action the eligible costs must comply with Article 45 of the Regulation. 1305/2013 as well as articles 65-71 and 69§3 of the Regulation. 1303/2013.». In short, everything that was provided for in the previous call for Improvement Plans can be subsidised, but it remains to be seen whether certain costs will be excluded.

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